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Rooftop Terrace for Jente

2nd Home | Lifestyle

Having a garden is a luxury not many students can afford. Most of the time a dark backyard or balcony has to serve for a relaxing afternoon in summer or having a hot mulled wine on a winter night. Jente, a second-year Creative Business student had the same idea, but once she had a look at the balcony of her newfound home in Leeuwarden, she soon realized that it wouldn’t be so easy spending quality time on her neglected rooftop terrace.

Consequently, Jente decided to send in a video, asking for the help of 2nd Home, and once again we did not hesitate, trying to gift her with some last particularly merry winter nights.


Name: Jente

Study: Creative Business

Nationality: Dutch

Needs Help with: Her Rooftop-Terrace

Goal: A Cozy Space for Some Relaxation

Time: 1-2 Hours

Effort: ●●●○○

Difficulty: ●●●○○

When redesigning and pimping up your rooms or an item of yours it is very important to us to make sure that it fits you and your personality. To make sure that we know exactly how to create an item according to your wishes and your imagination, we create a mood board beforehand. A mood board is an assembly of different pictures, materials, and pieces of text that are supposed to portray a certain mood, look or feel that your item or room is supposed to radiate after the makeover.

For Jente’s project, 2nd Home had a look at different balcony furnishings and arrangements and came to the conclusion that the mood board should portray an outdoorsy mood by including some plants and wooden components as well as a cozy and comfortable vibe which is achieved by adding lights, pillows, and carpets. This style is called the Ibiza style. The mood board shows several ways in which the DIY could be recreated by hanging the lights differently, adding other furniture, or making use of different kinds of plants.

This project, unlike our other DIYs, doesn’t concentrate on just one object, but it is about redesigning a whole area. Therefore not a lot of delicate work and handiness is needed. What you will need though to recreate a hangout area like this or similar, is an outdoor rug which you can get at Xenos, some rope, scissors, a reed mat, and a winter resistant plant which can both be gotten at Praxis Tuin. Furthermore, you will need some batteries, outdoor lights and big pillows that can be bought at Action, some coating Spray which you can get at Blokker, and about 6 big pallets. To create a comfortable area, big pillows are great to put on top of the pallets. Since the balcony is outside, outdoor pillows are recommended. However, they can be very expensive and therefore, we would like to give you a tip: use dog pillows! You might not think of it right away, but dog pillows are often big, soft, cheap, and can handle a little outdoor dirt. Adding water and dirt resistant coating spray will add some extra protection.

To get your balcony to look comfortable and inviting again, we recommend you to follow the next seven steps.

1. Tidy and clean your space.

2. Place your reed mat along your fence & secure it with rope.

3. Arrange your outdoor light on top of the reed mat.

4. Arrange the pallets, stack them on top of each other & add your pillows.

5. Spray the pillows with water-dirt-resistant.

6. Place your outdoor carpet underneath the pallets.

7. Put your plant in a pot, add a side table & a chair.

Now Jente’s balcony looks like some very fun days and nights can be spent on it and it invites one to just sit down for a while and relax, have a drink, sit in the sun or just hang out with friends. As you can see the rug, pillows, plant and the other furniture add some coziness to it that was missing before and the outdoor lights make sure that even at night the balcony feels welcoming.

We are extremely delighted that Jente is happy with the result and we hope you feel inspired to recreate this beautiful hangout area. See you soon guys and don’t forget to send in your own videos and ideas!


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