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Can you Relate? – Episode 4 – Money issues

The podcast ‘Can you Relate?’ is a podcast made by students, for students. Each week two guests with a similar problem will come to the studio. They will talk about it and try to find a solution together. The episodes are hosted by the same host each week. He supports the guests and helps them to find a better way to deal with issues, or even fix them. ‘Can you Relate?’ is about creating a comfortable space for students to feel free and speak up about their daily issues without any judgement. As the podcast is created by students, for students, the episodes can give a relatable feeling, as students themselves will participate in every weekly episode.

Episode 4: Money Issues

In the fourth episode of Can you Relate, Brian and Emiel discuss having money issues as students. Talking about loans, rent and having to do groceries, Brian and Emiel share their tips and different approaches to coping with money issues.