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Dear Suspect E4: Anna & Eric

Dear Suspect, is a thrilling and exciting crime podcast series based on true crime stories. In each episode of the podcast, the listeners will hear a letter exchange between the suspect of a crime case and another person involved.  Take a look inside the minds of perpetrators, witnesses and victims.   

In the first week of 2021, a sixteen-year-old girl was cycling with a friend at midnight.
Out of the blue a man in dark clothes pulls this girl off her bike
and begins to stab in her stomach several times.
The man flees and leaves the girl on her own in the bushes, later that night the police arrest this man.
The injured girl had been taken to the hospital in a critical condition.
She luckily survived the stabbing incident but with big consequences for the rest of her life.

For more information about the case:

Anna: Molly Holdsworth 
Joane: Amylin Oversier 
Eric: Stephan van Woerden 
David: Maarten Oversier