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Easy Money – Episode 2 Pimp

A lot of students cope with financial trouble, and in this series, we are going to follow one of those students. Every week this student will try a new creative way to make money. This way we inspire the audience to come up with creative methods of generating income themselves, and we will show students how to handle their money, by means of having an informative segment in the show.  This show bring attention to the financial problems of students, and acts as a part of its’ solution.  

How cool is it to give your old stuff a second life with a little pimping. Even cooler, what if you could earn your tuition fees with this?! In this week’s episode, Kaylee will find out if she will succeed the challenge. Also, everything on the topic of budgeting will be discussed. In 5 steps you will learn how to get the best insight into your finances.