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Advanced Tip: Green corner

Issue #01

Max from NHL Stenden left us a comment last week with the following fantastic tip. Special thanks to Max! Start your own campaign! We have a great idea for you, look for places for a so-called “Green Corner”.

This could be at university, in a cafe, at a sports club or in the church. Just be creative. The more places you ask, the more successful you will be. But what exactly is a “Green Corner”? You could just put up a shelf where everyone can put books, clothes, CDs, DVDs, etc. to give away or exchange them. It does not necessarily have to be a shelf; it could also be a table for example. there could also be a noticeboard where you can hang up photos of bigger things you want to get rid of , like furniture, bicycles, etc. This could be a place for e.g.calls for clean-ups or other environmental actions. The “Green Corner” can also be a meeting place for like minded people, where you can exchange ideas and develop new ones. Besides environmental protection, these could also be social actions, such as grocery shopping for elderly people who prefer to stay at home during Corona times. The “Green Corner” could be set up as a permanent facility or as a temporary pop-up action. We are always happy when you share such great ideas in the chat, it is a great inspiration for us!

#StayGreen 🌎🌿

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