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How Climate Change is affecting all of us

Issue #07

Most of us are aware that Climate Change is a major issue for the world right now and has massive consequences for all of us if we don’t do something. But what needs to be noticed more is how it is already affecting all of us now.  

The most prominent way in which we notice the effects of Climate Change is the extreme weather trends it causes. For example the bushfires in Australia last year, hurricanes, floods like the Venice Floods in 2019 or drought.  

These extreme weather conditions also have an effect on how we travel. For example, turbulence on airplanes are becoming more and more and will grow by around 150%. This is caused by the fact that Climate Change is strengthening vertical wind shears in higher altitudes. And through stronger storms and higher water levels water travel is also affected, since under these conditions it becomes harder to navigate the open waters.  

But Climate Change is also affecting our health. Fossil fuel emissions don’t only contribute to the greenhouse effect, they can also make us sick. For example respiratory diseases like Asthma or cardiovascular problems can be caused by this. Since the amount of pollen in the air is also increasing, allergies may worsen. Additionally, warmer temperatures are linked to a 2 percent increase in mental health issues like stress and anxiety. With an increase in natural disasters like floods, there are more and more people left with long-term trauma as they try to reconstruct their lives.  

Climate Change also affects the way we eat. The CO2 in the atmosphere is changing the composition of the fruit and vegetables that we eat and makes them less nutritious. The extra CO2 speeds up the photosynthesis, which causes the plants to grow with more sugar and less of the healthy things we need like vitamins, calcium and proteins. This can result in many people developing a zinc or protein deficiency. 

So you see, Climate Change isn’t an issue that our children or grandchildren will maybe face, it is an issue that is already there and already affects all of our lives. And luckily, scientists, governments, and activists are all doing their part to put a halt on this. By working together and taking small steps to live a more sustainable life, we can all do our part in working against Climate Change and stop these developments that ultimately affect all of us.  

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