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How to sell clothes online sustainably

Issue #01

Do you sometimes feel like you have too many clothes, and some of them you don’t even wear? But you also don’t know what to do with them? Well, we’re here to help you. It is easier than you might think to sell the clothes you don’t need anymore online.👕 This is a sustainable way for you to get rid of them, but also for other people to shop. And additionally, you can make a little money! 💵

So, first of all, what are your options? There are plenty of websites online where your clothes can find a new home. Some of the most popular ones are for example Depop, Vinted or Ebay. 

The first thing to do if you decide to sell some clothes is create an account on whichever site you prefer. This is quite easy, you can sign up either with your e-mail address, phone number, Facebook or Google account. And now you can start selling! 

If you want your clothes to sell well, the way your present them matters. Try to take pictures of your clothes in front of a neutral background, like a white wall, and in natural lighting. Make sure it’s not too dark. If you’re comfortable, show the items being worn so the buyer gets a better image on what the item fits like.  

Now that you have your photos, you can start writing your listing. Your description should be clear and honest. Mention the brand of the item, the size, the colour, the fit and any specialities. If they are any signs of wear and tear, be honest about it and include it in the pictures and description. You can also use hashtags in the description to boost your item, this way the people looking for something like your item can find it faster. 

When you set up your prices, be reasonable and set prices you feel comfortable with.  After you’re done with the listing, it’s time to wait. If you want, promote your page on social media so more people can be aware of it and have a look.  

Once you sold an item, the next step is obviously to package and send it. There are some ways to reduce waste when you package your item. You can, for example, reuse old boxes you have at home. These can be from shoes or from orders you once received. This way, you don’t have to spend additional money on packaging and you reduce waste.  Then, don’t secure the item within the box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts that you bought, instead use old newspapers you have at home.  

If you’re done packaging, bring your package to the nearest post office by bike or take a nice walk there instead of driving to make this a truly sustainable experience. 

So, you see, selling your unused clothes is an easy and practical way to live more sustainably and make a little money on the side. And now, have fun cleaning out your closet and get selling! 

#StayGreen 🌎🌿

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