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Idiots Try Season 1 Episode 1 The Kick-Off

As an international student living in Leeuwarden, it can be difficult to pick up on your new environment and all the fun activities that are being offered. Idiots Try starts off explaining the disconnect between international students and the fun events, activities their student city has to offer in an entertaining and intriguing way. Get ready for this comedic game show where our idiots are challenged to try out fun and exciting activities the student city Leeuwarden has to offer. Whether it’s stand-up paddling, bouldering, kickboxing, yoga, our idiots are ready to try it all. Following their journey of failing and succeeding, you get to experience the Idiots’ commitment and dedication towards their given tasks. Succeeding or failing a challenge does not define the show’s ending as each Idiot learns its individual valuable lesson. Regardless they are the hero of the story.

As students we can have a whole list of frustrations we face daily, but what could be an effective way to let all those frustrations out? In this episode of Idiots Try you get to see how kickboxing can be a fun way to release stress. Our expert Charly is going to teach our idiot Nina the basics of kickboxing with a few twists involved. After warming up and teaching some techniques, our contestants will bring in the heat and fight it out in the ring. You want to find a way to let go of your frustrations or you just want to watch people fight each other? Well, then this episode is for you.