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Off Limits – Episode 3

Off Limits – Break Through The Silence.

Off Limits is a challenging, informative and in- spiring podcast about intense and sensitive topics with a mix of humour and depth. Two student hosts engage in a conversation based on stories and questions from other students.

Each episode has a different theme. Every week a theme is discussed on which students have a certain opinion or a question, which they often not express themselves. The themes are predetermined by the production. It is possible to deviate from topics during the podcast when other topics come to light due to student audience in- put. After all, the focus is the needs of students.

Off Limits offers students a place where they can anonymously share their story or opinion of a specific subject where they don’t fully express themselves normally.

Episode 3 – Domestic Violence

It is sad to talk about but it is necessary! More than 200.000 people in The Netherlands are victim of domestic violence and this also includes students! We sat down with a guest a she told her story about!

Domestic violence is more common then you think! If you are in this situation or know people who had the same exeperience. Please follow these links for help: