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Friesland: Organisation “We Are Warming Up”

Issue #03

With the amount of greenhouse gases in the air, the temperature is rising on our planet and causes for our climate to change. An effect that is mostly created by us, people. The rising of the temperature on our planet causes bushfires, flooding and a shortage of water and food, to just name a few terrible effects of climate change. A word wide problem that affects us all.  

An organization that tries to stop climate change is called We Are Warming Up, who connects art with this problem. The perfect way to bring climate change to the attention. Since art reaches many people through for instance music or paintings, organization We Are Warming Up is using this to make people participate and help in the fight against climate change. The more people that are spreading the word about climate change, the more it helps to stop it.  

Through the hashtag #TheFutureWeWant you can share the changes you would like to see to stop climate change. With your input, We Are Warming Up will make the first climate statement that is made by ‘normal’ citizens. The organization also came up with ‘Het Grote StraatBeraad’ a game, that was done in the summer of this year, which people could play with the people that live in their street and discuss what the new climate statement should contain. Besides the statement, We Are Warming Up also shows art productions that connect to the theme of climate change made by artists. This brings the problem to the attention and connects people. Would you like to join with your own art that connects to the theme of climate change? Or you want to know more about the organization? You can visit their site: 

#StayGreen 🌎🌿

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