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Small steps in climate protection

Issue #02

Within the last months, Corona has caused a lot of attention. New measures are constantly being taken to contain the virus. According to the principle: as faster we act, so smaller the effects. That climate change is real is addressed already for many years. So why can’t we act faster there as well? 

What kind of effects the pandemic will cause in the long-term can only be speculated. But it is certain that the economy will not recover from it so quickly. However, our planet has taken advantage of it.  

For months the media has been reporting about Corona, it is omnipresent in all of our heads. As a result, it has changed the way we do our activities and made us rethink our daily structures. Quick changes and adjustments have been essential. By daily reporting, everyone became aware of the harvests of the situation.  

So, imagine if the media would talk about climate change in the same way. Would it also encourage people to change their actions quickly and efficiently? Because one thing is clear: This crisis is just as real and quick action must be taken. 

Corona has brought positive aspects for the protection of the climate. Through the numerous measures, something has already been achieved. In some cities, the blue sky can be seen again instead of smog and in Venice, the dolphins are back.  

Besides, prospectively the CO₂ output will be able to be lowered by more than 7 percent.  

Well, everything sounds positive, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this reduction is not about structural changes. Therefore, this development cannot really be counted as sustainable.  

The CO₂ output should be able to prove each year a decrease of 7 percent, but as it looks like after Corona it will come back to the former expiration. A short lockdown is not enough to save the planet. The nations must work together on this, just as they are doing in the corona crisis. Stricter measures must also apply to climate change. One way to start would be to maintain climate-friendly measures in cities even after the pandemic and to increase CO2 control. But much more needs to be done in the long term. So why not use digitization for climate change and try to become as omnipresent in people’s minds as Corona?

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