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Relax, Refresh, Recharge…and Study!



 A small piece of Brooklyn-like aesthetic in the middle of Leeuwarden? 

This might sound straight out of a hipster fairy tale, but that’s exactly what Lazy Lemon is all about! With a menu ranging from breakfast to dinner, and coffee to smoothies, you can be sure you will be properly fuelled for studying.  

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Hot Study Spots

Study with Book or Laptop – Everyone’s welcome!

Three different study spots in one? Give the Douwe Egberts Café a try! Whether you’re working individually or in a group, you can choose the best environment for your work at this Hot Study Spot.  

The Hidden Corner!

Did you know that there are 5 restaurants and cafés around Wilhelminaplein? One of them is Grand Café Z. Curious about what this café has to offer you during your study days? Keep reading for a personal tour!

Eat, study, breathe…repeat!

Located at Wilhelminaplein, a short walk from the Fries Museum, is our next Hot Study Spot: La Place! At first glance this location might look like an ordinary indoor marketplace, but hidden behind this are some surprisingly comfy study spots. Let us show you around! 

Pretty in Pink

Walking into Moon is like entering every little princess’ daydream: flowers hung on the walls, lights in star-like constellations, plushie pink chairs…to put it simply: a dream in pink. Even so, Leeuwarden’s most instagramable café can also be your next favourite study spot.  

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The History of Friesland

Did you know that the city of Leeuwarden actually has 5 public libraries? Today we will explore one of these, Tresoar, to see if it can be considered a good place to study. Keep reading to find out what facilities are provided, and what this Hot Study Spot has to offer for you! 

Expand your Study Boundaries

One study spot that can’t be forgotten on our list is the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. This university campus offers a lot of great facilities for students. Ahead, we will take you on a tour in and around the buildings. 

Relax, refresh, recharge…and study!

A small piece of Brooklyn-like aesthetic in the middle of Leeuwarden? This might sound straight out of a hipster fairy tale, but that’s exactly what Lazy Lemon is all about! With a menu ranging from breakfast to dinner, and coffee to smoothies, you can be sure you will be properly fuelled for studying.  

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What the student!?

The Albert Heijn Bonus Card

As one of the biggest and oldest super market chain in the Netherlands, shopping in Albert Heijn seems to be a great thing to enjoy. And isn’t it even better to get discounts on hundreds of products nearly everyday ? This video will tell you how to get discount and use bonus card in all Albert Heijn supermarkets.

Dutch Traffic Rules

Although almost every country seems to have the same types of transportation, but not all of them follow the same rules among countries. Have you ever wondered why it took so long to wait for the traffic light to turn green and realized you have to press the button right next to you ? This video will give you an overview on how to travel safely everyday in the Netherlands, especially as a biker.

Student Housing

Accomodation for students has always been one of the most attentive problem, especially before the start of 2 academic semesters of all universities. This video will show you various ways to safely find a comfortable house with reasonable price during the time you study in Holland; specifically, in Leeuwarden.


If you have been living in the Netherlands for a while, you might have once noticed some bikes with blue wheels. Especially in student cities you will find them almost everywhere. In this video, we will introduce you one of the most popular company in providing bikes for rent; which help to meet the high demand of riding bikes of people in the Netherlands – Swapfiets.

The Dutch Waste System

One of the most complicated and different system that each international students have to get used to, when firstly come to the Netherlands, is solving household waste. Even in one city, not every house applies the same way. This video will show you briefly about waste system in the Nethelands; more specifically is Leeuwarden and how to use it properly.


As a student, there must be sometime being busy, or just do not feel like cooking at all. At this moment, having a delicious pizza or a hot portion of noodles is just perfect. This video will show you how to order food with only some easy steps; not only pizza or noodles, but a wide range of choice among lots of restaurants in your area.

The Dutch Healthcare System

As an international student, living far away from home means a lot of things to worry about, especially healthcare. Not every country has the same or familiar system with each other,; therefore it is confusing for most of students when firstly come to a new country. This video will introduce you about healthcare system in the Netherlands.

Student Discounts

For international students who study abroad, especially not from EU country, living in the Netherland might be costly. Therefore, a lot of students wonder about special offer for them when going shopping, doing sports or any kind of service. This video will introduce you some major offers students can get while studying in the Netherlands.  

Public Transport

Have you ever sit in the train, talking on your phone and suddenly got a big and annoying “SHHH” from a person next seat and realized you are in “Quiet Zone” of the train ? Not only this, but there are a lot of different situations that might be confusing and embarrasing sometimes for you, about how to use public transportations properly. In this video, few of the main “rules” will be explained.

Student Workplaces

For some students, living cost in the Netherlands might be expensive. Therefore, a lot of students, besides studying at school, work part-time to somehow save money for their living, or personal interests. However, finding jobs for non-Dutch speakers here in Leeuwarden is not always easy. This video will show you more about part time jobs and workplace in the Netherlands.

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Stay tuned for more What the student!? content!

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more What the student!? content!



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