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Sustainable laundry

Issue #13

Which washing detergent do you prefer? Liquid or rather the powder? Every year, plenty of detergents is bought, but sustainability is not taken into account. 

On average, everyone buys 8 kilograms of detergent per year, quite a lot. Fabric softener or other care products are also added to make the laundry as comfortable as possible. But with every wash, environmentally harmful substances end up in our sewage and water. Some of these are very difficult or impossible to decompose. But what are the options for more environmentally friendly washing? 

There is no such thing as a truly sustainable detergent, but there is a difference between liquid and powder detergents. The liquid detergent is more difficult to degrade. Therefore, it is better to use the powder. Refill packs can be a good addition. Simply refill the empty package without producing large waste. 

But it also depends on the right dosage. Many people live in the mistaken belief the more detergent, the easier the dirt is removed. However, an overdose does not affect how the washing result is. Therefore, it is always better to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions, so they protect their environment best. 

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Another important point is the temperature during washing. 30 degrees achieve just as good an effect as 60 degrees. So, it is better not to wash the laundry so hot. If a laundry must be made again, it is important to pay attention that the washing machine is fully loaded. Usually, in a two-person household, the washing machine is turned on 2-3 times. The result is less laundry. In order to really save on washing, it is advisable to wash less often and to have a full load of laundry. And there are also a few points to consider when washing. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon, readily release microplastic particles into the water used for washing, which then ends up in rivers and oceans. 

If there are small stains on a T-shirt, you can simply wash them out by hand, without having to start the washing machine. Soap or lemon juice can sometimes work wonders. 

So, it is important when washing that you prefer to take the powder alternative. Besides, you should pay close attention to the recommended dosage. This is usually the correct and most environmentally friendly. Even if we all like to have our clothes back quickly and freshly washed, we should rather limit ourselves to one or two washes a week.

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