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Student Life

Tipical Magazine- Episode 3

An interactive digital magazine, a student’s guidebook that focuses on
tips, tricks, advice for students that are now moving out alone or
suddenly gaining independence.

Link to the episode with interactivity and buttons:

Play the struggle bingo in the beginning!

Episode 3: “Try new things out”
Fun events are always going on in the city of Leeuwarden or somewhere else. Stop having to
deal with FOMO (fear of missing out) and be up to date with the Event calendar of the month.
On this calendar you can see exactly when there is a fun event or activity, get your possible
tickets and call your friends to go with you!
Free time:
Besides school, work and all the other obligations in your life, it is nice to have some hobbies
that you can do in your free time. Things you can do when you are feeling bored, when you want
to share a hobby with someone else or when you´re just curious to try out something new.
“Try out some new hobbies you wouldn´t normally do”
Discover new hobbies using the Hobby finder of TIPICAL. There is a wide variety to choose
from, so there’s definitely something fitting for everyone. Prevent feeling bored or just done with
your usual activities. It is also fun to try some new hobbies with friends! It is always nice to have
a thing in common with people, especially when these are activities where you can release some
kind of emotion, interest or opinion!
Crafting tips:
We’ve all had a problem at an inconvenient time. A problem which can happen at any point but
you just simply don´t know how to fix it. Basically, problems where you would ask your mom or
dad for solutions, as they have more experience than you.
“How to be become your own handy(wo)man”
Learn how to fix a flat tire, and how to sew a hole in your clothes by following the tutorials and
steps on the How to become a handy(wo)man page: inconvenient things that can happen at any
time of the day, and we’d like to show you the solution.
Do you want to improve your planning and organizing skills? Look at the expertise of Jason
Lengstorf. He’s a frequent speaker, designer, and an advocate of building better balance via
“Pro in PROductivity”
Follow the tips of TIPICAL on the Productivity page if you want to get focused, stay
unbelievable productive, and make more time for the things that really matter. Let’s do this!