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Student Life

Tipical Magazine- Episode 4

An interactive digital magazine, a student’s guidebook that focuses on
tips, tricks, advice for students that are now moving out alone or
suddenly gaining independence.

Link to the episode with interactivity and buttons:

Play the struggle bingo in the beginning!

Episode 4: “New Year’s special edition”
It’s been a long year. Much has happened. Take a look at the recap on the 2021, what did you
do page in TIPICAL and find out about things that have happened for the first time in 2021.
Everywhere in the world, New Year is celebrated. But different cultures means different New
Year’s celebration. On the New Year Goes Global page you can travel around the world and get
to know different cultures.
We’re done with the shitstorm of 2021. Let’s have a little less, “new year, new me” and more
“you have to earn my respect, 2022!”. Get inspired by the new year’s intentions on the earn my
respect 2022 page!
This year, you’ll be fully up to date. What are going to be the trends of 2022? Look at the trends
of 2022 page and see for yourself!