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Student Life

Wolweze Student Associations Secrets Revealed EP1

The viewer gets a glimpse into the lives of students who are members of a student association. Every episode we walk along with a different student association, to give a realistic image of each association as possible. We portray the student associations of the city of Leeuwarden, resulting in both informative and entertaining images. In every episode the same topics are discussed about the student association concerned, such as; thehazing, rituals, activities, history and locations. A freshman and a final year talk about their experiences with everything. The goal is to leave a good first impression and atmosphere with the viewer at the end of the episode. Would the viewer want to join this student association? The fact that it is really about the student city of Leeuwarden and that it reflects the actual image of student associations, makes the concept unique.

In this episode we are visiting Wolweze. We take a look in the pub, the renovation of the apartment above is shown and we pass their old house. In addition, there will of course be talked about personal experiences and several members will speak so that we can give you a great idea of the association and what they do.