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Issue #11

We have already made some suggestions on how you can do a lot for sustainability and environmental protection with a little commitment. However, many of our suggestions are not possible in Corona times due to the many legal requirements and restrictions. Therefore, this time we want to give you a few tips on how you can do something digitally. 

Sustainable actions together in video chat 

It’s more fun together: this is true even if you only see each other on a screen. Create digital sustainable cooking, baking or preserving events with regional, vegan or zero-waste ingredients, repair technical devices together or have an upcycling evening together. With a little creativity, you can even organise clothes swap parties and send the clothes by post afterwards. 

Start challenges 

Call on friends and acquaintances online to take part in challenges, e.g. to eat sustainably for a week, not to create plastic waste or to take a car-free week. Daily posts on social media can document the daily progress of the challenge to reach as many people as possible. 

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Educate together 

Educate yourselves together on sustainable issues. Start an online reading club where you read books about sustainable living together, run a learn-to-sew workshop online or stream a video together about humanitarian conditions in other countries and talk about it. 

Offer your knowledge to others 

The best thing about knowing a lot about sustainability: You can pass on the knowledge. While there are already many ways to get information on the internet, it is often much nicer to have a friend explain the details in private. Start a joint online group with others in which you can enrich each other with your knowledge. If you are really well-versed in the topic, you can create video tutorials on sustainable issues and share them on social networks. 

Online Repair Cafe 

Do you have a knack for repairing things that others often throw away or leave broken at home, such as clothes or technical devices? Offer your friends and acquaintances to send you their broken things and send them back repaired. Posting a video or photo of the repair process on your social media will get even more people thinking about repairing instead of buying new. 

Now you have some ideas of what you can do without having to meet people in person. So, there are no more excuses… 

#StayGreen! 🌎🌿

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