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Dear Suspect E5: Vanessa & Johnathan

Dear Suspect, is a thrilling and exciting crime podcast series based on true crime stories. In each episode of the podcast, the listeners will hear a letter exchange between the suspect of a crime case and another person involved.  Take a look inside the minds of perpetrators, witnesses and victims.   

19-year-old girl named Vanessa went missing on October 2019.
Vanessa went to visit her father for a weekend trip, but never returned.
Since the poor girl from Chattanooga, Tennessee is missing.
Everyone is convinced that she has been drugged. However, Daphne recently managed to send a message to a friend of hers named Johnathan. In this message, the teenager wrote that she considered harming herself.  

For more information about the case:

Vanessa: Amylin Oversier 
Jennifer: Lara Holdsworth 
Veronica: Molly Holdsworth 
Annie: Arjanne Oversier