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Dear Suspect E1: Julia & Lukas

Dear Suspect, is a thrilling and exciting crime podcast series based on true crime stories. In each episode of the podcast, the listeners will hear a letter exchange between the suspect of a crime case and another person involved.  Take a look inside the minds of perpetrators, witnesses and victims.   

On the six of March, the 42-year-old David Polvliet was found dead next to a railway in Beveren, Belgium. It turned out he has been killed; the motive was probably the fact that David was gay. David was active on a gay dating app and one of his matches made him come to a park for a date. In this park, David got beaten and robbed by three young guys. David later got dumped next to a railway and died because of all his injuries 

For more information about the case:

Julia:  Lisanne Uithof
Lukas: Lubbert van Dijk
Emma: Amylin Oversier 
Victor: Stephan van Woerden 
Cedric: Stephan van Woerden