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GenZone – Dysfunctional Family

This episode tells the real story of a girl who never got the chance to live in a stable family. 

“GenZone” is a 15-minute podcast, which is broadcasted twice a week. The podcast covers a total of four segments which all cover different topics. Due to this reason, each of the segments include two episodes per month which air every other week. Those episodes are being hosted by Generation Z members and inviting other Generation Z members as guests. The reason why the GenZone podcast is for Generation Z members mainly, is the way they grew up. Generation Z grew up with the internet and technology and saw it developing at a fast pace.  

Hometown: In this segment, we feature letters written by international students, where they write their story and experience on a topic from their native country. These letters can remain anonymous or writer can share his/her name with the listeners.

Hometown Episode 2 – Dysfunctional Family