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Money Matters – Episode 2 Saving money when going out

Have you ever felt frustrated about your finances? Yes, we have all been there. But do not give up yet! Money Matters is a series full of tips, adventures, and relatable situations. From saving money for groceries to investing in stocks, you will dive into the financial world and learn how to survive more easily as a student in the Netherlands. Every episode we will meet a different student and find a solution to any money problem that our student experiences. Come with us on a journey and become part of a financially independent generation!

But how can you become financially independent if you keep spending too much money… In today’s episode, you will learn how to save money when you are going out. During these covid times you might not feel like clubbing is a big expense, but wait till everything opens up again! Together with Niclas we will talk about how to cut down these expenses and how to tackle our personal destructive behavior.