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Shadow Season 1 Episode 4 – Extreme Cinematographer

Have you ever been to the top of Everest? We haven’t but Hylke has. Meet Hylke Knot. First of all a crazy dude, second of all a very talented and extraordinary filmmaker. Hylke is making a documentary about climbing each of the highest mountains on the face of the Earth! In this episode of Shadow we meet the man himself. Hylke shares some of his crazy stories and experiences, wisdom, and tips on becoming a cinematographer.

“Shadow – your future dream job“ is an infotainment video format for students like you and me to get a better idea of the different sectors of the creative industry. Always wanted to know what it is like to work in your own start-up? Camera work is your passion? Or how do you even become a music producer? The production team of “Shadow“ met different professionals and interviewed them to answer all your questions