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Shadow Season 1 Episode 6 – Music Producer

Season finale! In this episode, we conclude the season, everything we learned, and everything you need to do to make your way into the creative industry! If you ever wondered how it is to start in the music industry here’s your chance! Joshua (Jinsei) Terzol is a talented Lo-Fi music producer. With more than 400 000 monthly streams he’s one of the LoFi music pioneers in The Netherlands. Let him tell you his story and inspire you to go after your dreams!

“Shadow – your future dream job“ is an infotainment video format for students like you and me to get a better idea of the different sectors of the creative industry. Always wanted to know what it is like to work in your own start-up? Camera work is your passion? Or how do you even become a music producer? The production team of “Shadow“ met different professionals and interviewed them to answer all your questions.