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Tested Positive Ep5 Sophie

In this episode Iris is going to visit Sophie. Sophie has here own photograpy business with her twin sister Emma.

Format discription

Tested Positive is a reportage of six episodes that follows a student through their day. The concept is all about students who were able to have a positive impact on their environment in these challenging times. The program has a clear structure. Every episode starts with the host telling us where we are going that day and too who. After that, the guest will introduce themselves and explain what they did that had a positive impact on themselves or others during the pandemic. The core of the reportage is where the guest shows us around for the  day. The guest can show us where they do their positive work.  And we will follow them during those activities. The guest supplies tips to the viewers on how they can have a more positive mindset or how they can get starte  doing the positive work. The host will also interview the guest to keep the conversations going. In the  end the host finishes with the guest. and the host terminates the program. After that the credits roll down.

Intro concept & host

The first segment is the introduction. In the introduction the host will shortly introduce the concept and herself. This  will be an introduction that will be used every episode depending where our guest is.

Introduction students

The second segment is about introducing the guest. The student will introduce themself and talk more about their background, hobby’s and current study. This will also appear by text in the screen.

What did they do practically?

In the third segment we reveal what the student has done to get in  the series. Maybe someone did volunteering work or took on an extra job at the hospital or started their own business. The student will tell what he/she did and the process of first coming up with the idea while showing their work place.

Positive vibes

The next segment will focus more on the positive idea. What does the student exactly do and where does the student work? The host will also ask the student questions about what the job means to the student and how it influences their life.

Motivation & inspiration

The fifth segment is about motivation. The student will specifically mention what the motivation is for doing this activity. Also, for any inspired viewers the student will mention where to start if someone in the audience wants to do the same. This will be the ‘tips & tricks ’ segment.


In the last segment the host will thank the students for talking about their positive work and the inspiration for others. Then the host will end the show and the credits roll down .