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The Breakout room Podcast – Episode 4

The break-out room is a podcast, recreating the atmosphere of mutual conversations of a group of students, without involving corona. In short, the reason is to provide a place for students that is isolated from the daily stress, stressful situations can be discussed but the key is to provide a solution for the mental health of students. The hour is divided into three sections: dating, current affairs and the reality of a student. The ‘group of students’ consists of three characteristic hosts. Stories are told by them, but they also read out questions or remarks from the listener. The hosts give advice, their unvarnished opinion and they make jokes in the process to keep an open and super personal environment.

Episode 4 – Lost the count on panda points

How do you deal with a dry spell? How many panda points do you have? What do you want to be when you grow up? Our host will take you through their answers on these questions. In this episode, we’ll catch you up on dating, current affairs and the reality of being a student. With this time as main host Amber.