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The Vintage Market

Urban Corners | Lifestyle & Culture

There’s a brand-new vintage store in town and its name is Vintage Market. With the shop being so new, there is a good chance you might not have heard of it before. Luckily, we had the privilege to visit the store in its early stages and had the opportunity to talk to the owner of the place to get some information. 

Adress: Voorstreek 39

Opening Times: Tue – Sat 12AM – 5.30PM

Pricing: $$

Atmosphere: chilled, viby

At first sight Vintage Market gives off a real vintage vibe. You can find the most random and interesting items from all over Europe, and all of them are collected by the owner himself! He traveled through Denmark, Belgium, France and many more countries to collect the most interesting pieces to sell. All types of items can be found, plenty of furniture, tableware, pieces of art and there’s even a car! It was mainly art he was interested in before. Unfortunately, he didn’t get accepted to the arts academy when he applied. Instead, they suggested for him to go travel the world, and so he did. Doing so and finding different cultures and its items is what made him so interested in opening a store himself. And here we are now, with the Vintage Market in Leeuwarden.  

This place at the Voorstreek was previously owned by Writer’s Block; a street art organization that was seen before in previous Urban Corners issues. Already being in contact with Writer’s block, the owner of what is now the Vintage Market decided it was a good opportunity to start a new store. And it is a great spot seeing how much space there is inside. Owning a shop is nothing new to him, he also already owns a furniture store in the Frisian town Stiens. In addition, he used to have a similar vintage store in Belgium. But what’s most impressive about all this is, that he does all of this on his own!   

With the store being located at the Voorstreek, it is very accessible by bike since it’s very close to the city centre. In addition, skate store Er-rol can be found next to it, which is covered in a previous issue of Urban Corners. If that is not your interest, then the city centre offers enough other stores and is only a couple minutes away by foot. Vintage Market is also surrounded by restaurants and the Jumbo supermarket is only five minutes away as well.  

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