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Student Life

Tipical Magazine- Episode 1

An interactive digital magazine, a student’s guidebook that focuses on
tips, tricks, advice for students that are now moving out alone or
suddenly gaining independence.

Link to the first episode with interactivity and buttons:

Play the struggle bingo in the beginning!

Episode 1: “Prepare for a busy time”
At the beginning of a new school year or at the end of a module, it is good to prepare for what’s
coming next. Get your mind calm and get everything else ready to have a strong start.
“How to prepare for a new module or school year”
Get your everyday school bag ready with the School bag essentials that TIPICAL will provide
you. This will prevent you from forgetting certain things that you will regret. Besides this,
TIPICAL will also offer a Planner template, which you can use throughout the module to plan
your lectures, ateliers, meetings and work time.
It’s nice to have your snacks, vegetables and meals at home before the busy time comes. You
don’t want to be in the middle of a mental breakdown looking for some chocolate or chips and
find out you have nothing stashed at home. However, you do want to get all your groceries in the
most efficient way as possible, since you are a student that is depending on Ome Duo.
“How to save money with groceries shopping”
Get your groceries in the house for a good price following the Supermarket-ing check page of
TIPICAL. Some may be simple and logic, but sometimes you just don’t think about it. Some
may be eye opening and lifesavers for you. No worries, logic or not, you will receive the best
House chores:
As the saying says, a clean room means a clean mind. Before starting your new year or module,
it is good to have your desk clear, all the dust out of your room and have all your stuff on the
right place.
“Get and keep your room clean”
Go shop for cleaning supplies using the Cleaning starter kit TIPICAL will provide you with.
You´ll know exactly what each product is useful for and what you’ll need in your own space.
Prevent making stains even worse or use a product the wrong way and get your room clean, fresh
and comfortable to live in!