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Student Life

Tipical Magazine- Episode 5

An interactive digital magazine, a student’s guidebook that focuses on
tips, tricks, advice for students that are now moving out alone or
suddenly gaining independence.

Link to the episode with interactivity and buttons:

Play the struggle bingo in the beginning!

Episode 5: “Organize away”
At the start of each assignment and module you get a lot of information and work thrown at you
which can be overwhelming. It is good to make clear for yourself what you need to do, when you
need to do it and how you need to do it, using different methods and apps. This will prevent
unnecessary stress and will make you sure you will be done before the deadlines easily.
“How to organize your schoolwork and start up a new module/assignment”
Start working on your school work using the Be wise, organize page of TIPICAL. You will be
presented with apps which you can use during projects to organize your work individually or
with your teammates. Learn how to work efficiently and how to use your mind and body to the
fullest, creating something you can be proud of, without stress!
Now that everything is up and running, you may become a little lacking in maintaining your
room. It is important to avoid this because a chaotic environment can also create a chaotic mind
and this can disrupt your work rhythm. Manage to get a rhythm for not only your school work,
but also for your cleaning routine.
“How to plan and clean your room during your busy life”
When you don’t know where to start, clean your room using the House under control guide.
We do the thinking for you so now you only have to execute it in your room. Wondering how to
clean your kitchen worktop and ceramic hob after a mixture of grease and food residue has burnt
under your pan? Or how to get your shower drain clean again so that you don’t have to stand with
your feet in a puddle of hair and soap residue every time? Our specific instructions with will help
you in maximum of eight steps.
Once you are a master of cleaning, TIPICAL will also offer the When to clean what? page, a
general house cleaning planner where you can see when to clean which part of the house. Some
things need to be done daily, while bigger spaces can be done once a month. Again, you don’t
even have to think about it, just look at your planner and you know just what to do.
When looking at topics that liked to be organized in your life, finance is a big part as well. To
make sure you are financially stable, you need to get a grip on managing, saving and gaining
money. The last thing you want to do is stressing over the budget that you have, in your daily
“How to gain, save and manage your money”
Get a grip on your financial life using the Secure that bag page with apps that TIPICAL will
recommend you. Learn how to save your money in a safe way, to earn some extra cash in a fun
and sustainable way and to manage your money easily.