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Student Life

Tipical Magazine- Episode 6

An interactive digital magazine, a student’s guidebook that focuses on
tips, tricks, advice for students that are now moving out alone or
suddenly gaining independence.

Link to the episode with interactivity and buttons:

Play the struggle bingo in the beginning!

Episode 6: “Take care of yourself”
Sometimes school can be very overwhelming, which is really normal and happens to all of us.
The important thing to do at that moment is to not get into a mental breakdown, but deal with it
in a calm, collective way. Even better, it is smart to prevent the stress, so you won’t even be
bothered by it.
“How to deal with academical stress”
Learn about the causes, side-effects and the solutions of stress, on the Stress stopper page in
TIPICAL. Prevent getting overwhelmed and see what you can do to learn more about yourself
and how to deal with specific situations.
Living by yourself or even when you live at home, things can get lonely sometimes. It is
important to speak out your feelings about anything, to friends, family, or maybe just people you
don’t even know that well.
“Speak out about anything, to anyone”
Get to know new people and make new connections on the Buddy talk page. People who will
introduce themselves will reach out and leave their contact info, for you to reach out to them.
Create new friendships and link up with people who are open to have a chat about anything.
Also, the Dutch language can be quite hard sometimes, especially for new international students.
However, it is really nice to learn some staple sentences to get through your day, together with
the dutchies!
“Say it in Dutch!”
TIPICAl will provide you with some sentences you can use while groceries shopping, on the
street, when you meet people and many more on the Dutch Crash course page. The sentences
can come in handy in every situation!