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Recycle Boulevard

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Vintage, versatile, innovative and inspiring. Those are all words used to describe the Recycle Boulevard in Leeuwarden. With around 8000m2 of space, there are many unique activities. Omrin Estafette, a modern thrift store, is one of their main attractions. But the boulevard has even more to offer!

Adress: Voltastraat 11

Opening Times: Monday 12AM – 5PM Tue – Sun 10AM – 5PM

Pricing: $

Atmosphere: cozy, relaxed

Omrin works hard to collect “waste” to then reproduce it to “new” products. Not only is this great for the environment, but Omrin is hoping to build towards a circular economy where no products or resources go to waste. Books, electronics, clothes, toys, furniture. You name it, Omrin Estafette has it. Besides the second-hand products, Omrin offers goods made from recycled materials.  Products are offered for a relatively low price, making it the perfect spot for students to score some deals. Tired of all the shopping? Treat yourself with a nice cup of coffee or fill your appetite with one of the fresh sandwiches “The Eethoek” has to offer. 

Recycle Boulevard is only a short bike ride of 7 minutes away from the train station and is easily accessible by both bike and car. There are plenty of parking spaces around the area although in the afternoon hours and on the weekends it can get busy. 

Activities within 5 minute walking distance at most from Omrin include other vintage and second hand shops like Winkel Ouderwets or Vintage Family, the garden center Welkoop, a dance school and even the paintball area called ‘Let’s Paintball’!  

Omrin Estafette appreciates every piece of help and will gladly take many kinds of products off your hands. Don’t hesitate and you can find a new home for your unused stuff!

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